Trunz Water Systems is industry partner to one of the H2020 projects supported/funded by the European Commission. The REvivED Water project (www.revivedwater.eu) is dedicated to further develop and integrate electrodialysis (ED) and its components as future technology to tackle the worldwide drinking water problems. The goal is to desalinate sea water more efficiently at lower energy consumption and less cleaning protocols - which finally leads to lower overall water costs and lower environmental footprint.

As part of the project, Trunz developed and built a 40’ containerised pilot plant for H2020 project “REvivED Water", installed the unit and operated in Spain until spring 2020 in order to perform and evaluate experimental tests. 

End of May, the Trunz team in collaboration with the REvivED Water consortium members and the local company FACSA commissioned the pilot plant and took the system into operation. The desalination plant has a capacity of 1 m3/h and is fully automatic with integrated remote monitoring system.