East Timor, also called Timor-Leste, is an island state in Southeast Asia, which is surrounded by individual islands of Indonesia and in the south of Australia.

The Trunz Water Systems Unit was installed for the Atabae Clinic in April 2016. The unit treats up to 3,000 litres of drinking water per day. The clinic hosts up to 50 patients per day who receive medical treatment and benefit from the supply of safe water. Additionally, the treated water is supplied to the inhabitants of the villages around the Atabea Clinc.

The Trunz water treatment unit has the main advantage that the clinic staff no longer need to boil water and patients no longer fall ill because of polluted water. The water was previously taken from a borehole or if funds available, the clinic bought water which was expensive. The clinic management and its staff are very satisfied with the Trunz Water Unit as it brings relief in their daily activities.