Bosso is a suburb of Minna City, the Niger State capital in North Central Nigeria. It is about 2 hours drive from Abuja, Nigeria’s capital. Niger State is the largest state by land mass and also holds the longest length of the River Niger after which the country was named. It is host so several natural lakes and dams including the Kainji and Shiroro dams, Nigeria’s biggest electricity dam.

Niger State however has a serious potable drinking water problem and Bosso town is not excluded. This is due to lack of stable electricity to pump water uphill to the community from the treatment plants downstream as well as population growth.

The population of Bosso is about 20,000 people. The topography of the area allows water to be trapped in a valley from rainfall run-offs for about 6 months in a year. In the harmattan dry season between November and April, the residents rely on the dammed water for survival. The water is infested by crocodiles and they share it with animals like cows and donkeys.

As part of the efforts to help solve the water crisis, our distribution partner Green Jobs was invited to offer solutions to the Bosso problem. We immediately recommended the instant treatment of the dammed water for the residents. The Niger state government then ordered an emergency unit in order to demonstrate the technology as well as to help the state provide drinking water to communities in the event of floods (which is almost yearly).

Having access to clean drinking water means such a relief and improved quality of life to the people living in Bosso.