Counting the amount of patients per year, the Kilu’ufi hospital belongs to the busiest hospitals in the Solomons. The hospital has a large demand for clean water in their facility – whether for patients and for hospital staff.
Petra Breiting from Switzerland is working in the medical business for many years. She lived in the Solomons for several months and provided medical support/assistance in hospitals. Petra is still strongly connected to country and people and during her several trips to the Solomons she became aware of the negative impact of contaminated water. Petra decided to make a difference and funded a water projects at the Gizo hospital. Additionally, she set up a second water project at the Kilu’ufi hospital which was kindly supported by the Swiss Embassy.

We are proud to supply our solutions for these projects and we’re honoured to call Petra our partner. It’s thanks to her dedication for the water projects that we’re now discussing the extension of the water projects to other destinations within the Solomons.

Check out Petra’s Blog: petrabreiting.ch