The Swiss-Guinea company ITH Guinée established a water shop in the capital Conakry in order to provide safe, clean water to a children hospital as well as the neighbouring inhabitants.

Kolumban Baumgartner, Partner of ITH : « Unknown to most people, in Guinée 2500 people died in 2016 caused by Cholera. This is an incredible number and we target to significantly reduce this amount. Technology is available, our part is to establish the water shops in a sustainable  way ».

The water shop was not only established to provide safe water, it also accelerates empowerment and local business opportunities. Up to now, 4 jobs were created - all of them paid from the income of ongoing water sales. The water shop not only supplies water in their shop but also distributes to neighbouring quarters.

Kolumban Baumgartner:„The Trunz unit is operating for a year now, without one day of interrruption. We are very satisfied with the Trunz equipment and glad the Trunz technician assisted our team during installation and technical training to the local operator. „

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