The Trunz Water System has been operating at the Solar Centre from ADES and produces clean drinking water for the inhabitants  around the Centre. After a first testing phase, the unit unit was relocated to its final destination – the village St. Augustin in the Southern Area of Madagascar. The project was donated by Trunz and its suppliers and with support of ADES.

Regula Ochsner

Managing Director ADES

It was a very touching moment to stand in front of the flagstaff and listen to the Madagascar hymn which the people sang. After that, the Swiss Hymn was played from a CD player. I believe, us three was not loud enough… They Mayor cut through the inauguration strip and handed one piece to us – it shall bring good luck. Our technician, Astina, demonstrated the Trunz Water System to the Mayor and all guests. He splashed water to the children who had great fun with the clean water. Now, they filled cups and glasses and handed them over to the Authorities. All people tasted the water as it were champagne! Water has a complete different meaning in comparison Switzerland were it rains a lot. Especially now, with the drought period in the south of Madagascar when it rained only about 4 hours in a whole year. This years harvest is very poor - at the moment, more than 60 % of the cattle has already died. It touched me much to see how awesome and thankful these people are. They are so happy to have not only water but even clean water. It was an undescribable intensive moment. I’d like to express my thankfulness to Trunz who made this generous donation to the people of St. Augustin. Trunz made life possible – in this region, water means life and survive. Misaotro Tompoka!