It all started with a unit that was financed by Solarspar whereas WWF has started a project to implement innovative technology to increase access to clean water for the local population.

WWF trained and supported the community of Beheloke. They set up a water management committee to ensure the sustainability of this new approach. Local technicians have been trained to maintain the Trunz Brackish Box.

Based on the experience from the first installation, WWF expanded the program and contributed further Trunz systems in Besambay and Tariboly. The Trunz technician has visited the different villages where units are installed in order to assist installation and provide technical training. Focusing on the aspect of education of local operators is of high importance to Trunz. The better we train on-site, the better the performance of our systems. We’re thankful for the good collaboration with WWF Madagascar and their long-term view of this project.

Lilia Rasolofomanana

Marine Programme Assistant,
WWF Madagascar

"The Trunz water system is a suitable solution for water problems for the zone where the underground water is salty. I am pleased to see the impacts in Beheloke village; excepting contributing to better health for children, it helps the local people saving their time and focusing on their economic activities as they do not travel many kilometers any more to have sweet water. Furthermore, for the environmental community-based organization managing it, the water shop is of interest as it has reduced running cost and is an environmental friendly installation for it uses solar energy."