The Swiss Embassy in collaboration with Trunz Water Systems donated a Trunz Solar Power Center to the Kilu’ufi Hospital in Auki/Solmon Islands. The solar power device supplies enough energy to operate the already existing/installed Trunz Water Unit completely independent from a generator.

As many hospitals/medical centers in the Solmons, the hospital in Auki is highly depending on diesel generated power which is facing frequent interruptions.

In order to overcome this difficult situation, the Swiss Embassy decided to support the installation of a renewable energy solution. This solution had two major advantages - independence from electricity and a positive impact on the environment. We are delighted that the system has been installed on Malaita now.

For more information to the Trunz Water Unit at the Kilu’ufi Hospital please see our Reference section and don’t miss to read the blog from Petra Breiting who is strongly involved in the development of water projects in the Solomons: