Trunz Water Trailer - a mobile solar powered water treatment plant for disaster relief & military application

The Trunz Water Trailer is equipped with a solar powered TWS 300 water treatment system or a TSS 300/TBS 300 desalination system. It is complete and ready to deploy. It provides approx. 250 - 1200 l of clean drinking water per hour from any water source. Powered by solar and/or wind energy, it can run up to 24 hours a day, without ongoing fuel and fuel transportation costs. The system is complete with trailer, feed pump, automatic back flushing filtration, batteries, solar panels and controls. An Ultrafiltration membrane removes all viruses and bacteria without requiring toxic chemical treatment. Alternatively we supply an Reverse Osmosis-System for brackish or saltwater. The Trunz Water Trailer is specially designed to work under harsh conditions and is ideal for disaster relief, military camps and supply during temporary drinking water shortage. The system is very compact, easy to install and to maintain.

complete system - ready to provide clean drinking water within minutes

  • independent and mobile
  • extremely fast installation
  • works quiet
  • very low energy consumption
  • without ongoing fuel costs
  • certified filtration system
  • minimal maintenance requirements
  • product water meets WHO standards

Technical specification

Trailer dimensions:
3800 x 2100 x 2500 mm
Weight Trailer incl. unit:
TWS: 2510 kg
TSS: 2950 kg
TBS: 3050 kg
TWS: max. 1200 l/h
TSS: max. 250 l/h
TBS: max. 650 l/h
Dimensions unit:
1770 x 1560 x 1510
Weight unit:
TWS: 830 kg
TSS: 1200 kg
TBS: 1200 kg
Power supply:
TWS: solar panels, max. 720 Wp
TSS/TBS: solar panels, max. 1240 Wp
Feed pump:
TWS: max. 1200 l/h
TSS: max. 1000 l/h
TBS: max. 1500 l/h
Tube package:
20 Meter
Prefilter with automatic back flushing system:
TWS:2x 100 micron
TSS/TBS: 1x 100 micron, 2x 50 micron, 1x 5 micron
TWS: Ultrafiltration
TSS: Reverse Osmosis (seawater)
TBS: Brackish Reverse Osmosis
Activated carbon filter:
1x 20 micron
4x 12V - 180 AH/Batterie
Power consumption incl. borehole pump:
TWS: 350 W
TSS/TBS: 900 W