Survivor 300 - a compact watermaker

The SURVIVOR 300 is a light weight and compact watermaker installed in a shock resistant, non corrosive case, ready to plug in and run. All you need is a fresh water source (from a lake, river or borehole) and a 12 VDC power source from your RV battery pack or the SURVIVOR’S solar panels.

The SURVIVOR delivers approx. 180 liters of fresh water per hour. 100% free of viruses or bacteria.

Every SURVIVOR 300 is complete and includes a prefilter, an ultrafiltration membrane, an activated carbon filter and a diaphragm feed water pump.

  • 180 litres of fresh water per hour
  • simple to use, ideal for mobile application
  • exceptionally energy efficient

Optional service kit

Membrane cleaner MC-1, 5 pc.
Activated carbon filter, 5 pc.
O-Ring set, 1 pc.

Survivor 300 - In 10 steps to clean drinking water!

For more information visit the Survivor webpage:

Technical specification

850 x 550 x 350 mm
Net. Weight:
51 kg
max. 180 l/h
Power supply:
12 VDC
Folded solar panel::
135 Wp
max. 250 l/h
Tube package:
5 meter
Prefilter :
175 micron
Energieverbrauch incl. pump:
60 W

Trunz Foldable Solar Panel